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Over 10 Years of Family Pest Control Services!

We have over 10 years of experience in the pest control industry.

Preston Pest Control on a quest to change the pest control industry as a whole. Large corporate companies have lost sight of the customer. We continue to hear and witness how their service is geared toward their ‘profits’ instead of toward the customer. More and more home owners are taking notice and changing their pest control service to a smaller company that actually listens and takes care of its customers.


We specialize in bed bugs, having the most comprehensive and guaranteed way of getting rid of bed bugs and it does not involve ‘heat’. The heat method has not been consistently proven to be effective; and is much more expensive and invasive for us to offer to our customers.


We are fully licensed (and insured) just like the large corporate companies, yet our prices are much lower since we are family-owned and operated. This also gives us many more advantages to be flexible and customize your pest control program versus presenting you with ‘cookie-cutter’ options or refusing to do certain tasks (climbing a ladder to remove a wasps nest, repairing insect/rodent entry points, etc).

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