Preston Pest Control From San Antonio, TX

Preston Pest Control serves the greater San Antonio community with their family pest control services and important charity work. The company has earned its reputation in the pest control field thanks to its fast. Our reliable services that work to keep pests out of the home both today and tomorrow.

Earning their reputation starts with hiring and training qualified technicians. Using the right pest control products, and rotating their use so that insects do not build up a resistance. This means that even troublesome pest issues are handled by the company through its proper use of pesticides. They can even rid the home of bed bugs, one of the most difficult pests to remove. The customers served by us can take advantage of regular services that keep pests out over the long term all for low, affordable prices.

The friendly staff, trained technicians, and reputation for reliability and effectiveness has made Preston Pest Control. One of the most respected in the community. As one of the leading San Antonio pest control companies. They provide a considerable effort towards helping the community through supporting valued charities in the city.


In addition to being a trusted San Antonio exterminator. we gives to the local food bank to help those who are in need. In addition, they volunteer to work in Habitat for Humanity. One of the most respected charity institutions that provide shelter for those who cannot afford to house of their own. The owner and technicians of Preston Pest Control volunteer in the community when there is a need, such as an emergency or natural disaster when the community comes together to help each other.

In addition, Preston Pest Control sends care packages overseas to the men and women serving the US in foreign countries. The emphasis on sending care packages reflects the background of the owner of the company and his family’s experience with serving in the armed forces.

Preston Pest Control | San Antonio Exterminator


The owner of Preston Pest Control comes from a military background, serving six years in the US Army. His entire family has served proudly in the military which includes three aunts, two uncles, his grandparents, and his father who served in the Air Force. His father retired from the service and still works in a civilian capacity to this day at Lackland AFB.  He also has one uncle who proudly served in the Marine Corps.

Because of his military background, veterans get first shot at being employed by one of the most respected pest control San Antonio services, although there is no discrimination as everyone has an equal chance based on their experience, education, and aptitude for the work. In fact, there are also technicians who have no military background that works at Preston Pest Control.

Providing the best in San Antonio residential pest control services, Preston Pest Control has established its reputation based on its outstanding work, building a reputation as the TX pest control service residents can trust. Also, through its considerable charity work and recognition of veterans, Preston Pest Control has earned a special place in the community.

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