Preston Pest Control Rat Removal

San Antonio Rat Removal Services | Preston Pest ControlOne of the most difficult pests for any TX pest control service to remove are rats. Rats have been cohabitating homes with people for many thousands of years, almost always without the permission of the homeowners. In the San Antonio area, the warm weather combined with the urban areas of the city makes it ideal for rats to invade many types of homes.

At Preston Pest Control, we understand that the rat issue in our city is much like that in New York. This means that the typical methods used by most San Antonio pest control companies will not work very efficiently, can be messy, and sometimes presents a danger to people and pets living in the home. That’s why our services are different and far more effective because we are the San Antonio residential pest control services that affect only the rats or mice that have invaded your home.

Why Rats are a Problem

Most homes in the San Antonio area that have a rat problem generally have roof rats or perhaps the Norway rat. While each one is a different member of the same species, they both can do damage to your home and bring illness for those who are exposed to their droppings or meet the rats themselves.

Rodent teeth also never stop growing which means that they never stop chewing on wood, pipes, wires, washer/dryer hoses, and whatever else they can bite. Even if they never encounter anyone inside the home, they can still do considerable damage.

How Our San Antonio Exterminator Services are Different

Most pest control San Antonio companies use snap traps that have been in use for many decades. While snap traps are somewhat effective at catching, and then killing a rat, they have their issues because the dead rat is still inside the home. This means that its decaying carcass still presents a danger to those living inside the home.

At Preston Pest Control, we use commercial bait that is a one-time product. It acts like feed bait and causes the rat or mouse to start dehydrating immediately. Rats that are in this type of distress will immediately leave the house, office, or facility in search of water which they will most often never find. They will either succumb to the thirst or they will be caught and killed by the predators that live outside the building. The bait used by our services means that the rats will leave the home on their own which is the most effective form of pest removal.

Keep in mind that if you have a squirrel problem instead of rats, they will not be affected by the bait even though they are rodents themselves. Getting rid of squirrels requires trapping and relocating which is a different method of pest removal.

At Preston Pest Control, we are the family pest control company that provides the best in pest removal services that rid your home of rats, insects, bed bugs, and other pests while protecting those who live inside. Please call today and find out why our rat removal services work best for your home and protecting those inside from the danger of rats.