Occupations Code
Title 8. Regulation of Environmental and Industrial Trades
Chapter 1304
Administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
(Effective September 1, 2017)

Sec. 1304.1581. Cancellation By Service Contract Holder;

  • (a) A service contract must allow the service contract holder to cancel the service contract at any time. (MEANING: YOUR PEST CONTROL CONTRACT IS NOT A REAL OR ENFORCEABLE CONTRACT, REGARDLESS WHAT YOUR SALES REP TELLS YOU)
This is why we call ours an ‘Agreement’.


(The entire law and its components can be found at the Texas Dept of Licensing and Regulations website: ) and can be verified via any Texas Attorney.

We bring this to your attention because we continue to hear that Property Managers and Owners are being told by their sales reps they are locked into a contract (therefore–have to suffer with terrible service). Obviously you now know, and have proof; that statement is false. **Please keep in mind, it’s the ‘tenants’ who have to live with the consequences and bugs; while office staff have to live with repeat complaints and online negative reviews.

  • We hope this gives you more leverage to encourage your provider to do their job with more integrity and passion
  • If they don’t….hire a company that will
  • We hope this weeds out those companies who water down products, chase bugs, cut corners, and continue to lie to customers and tenants — all in the name of ‘profit’.
  • We also know these companies are intentionally placing the blame on the tenants (most cases this is not true either–in some cases, it might be, but not the majority).
  • We feel (and we speak for 90% of the industry), we should get paid to kill the bugs and be a true partner with our customers.