Bed Bugs Facts

Bed Bugs are asexual. It only takes ONE to begin a population and reproduction. They do not need to mate. Bed Bugs only came to the United States 10 years ago due to International travel. This is why Chicago has been the number 1 city for bed bugs numerous years in a row (the O’Hare Airport is the busiest International Airport in the world).

VERY FEW exterminators have the knowledge to deal with Bed Bugs. Most Pest Control companies will not even attempt to deal with them due to the lack of knowledge. Bed Bug extermination is NOT taught or ‘required knowledge’ to obtain a pest control license.

It is a ‘specialty’ much like Termites, however the laws and required knowledge haven’t yet been fully implemented since. Bed Bugs are a relatively new issue to the United States (not all exterminators are licensed to handle Termites and shortly. we hope to see changes in the laws that will include a special license endorsement/category for those wishing to handle bed bug issues–as of now, even your pool guy is technically licensed).

ONLY company who have complete knowledge about Bed Bugs:

We are the ONLY company in the state of Texas who has repeatedly gone to Chicago to study Bed Bugs at The University of Chicago (our sister company resides in Indianapolis Indiana). NO other company KNOWS bed bugs like we do or offers the guarantee. we do because they are still unsure of their products and procedures (most use the same products that are sold for fleas–bed bugs and fleas are NOT the same).

We are the ONLY company in the US that has an active laboratory on site that studies Bed Bugs every single day. There are over 100 species of bed bugs; however there are only a few that humans need to be concerned with, as the rest are all attracted to animals/birds/bats. Bed bugs are blind but have a heightened sense of smell (particularly for CO2). Only ONE species of bed bug can live up to a year without feeding (not ALL). Bed bugs are “hitch-hikers. You can bring them home or take them to other locations very easily.

Heat Remediation:

Heat remediation does not work consistently and is outrageously priced. The bed bug itself (and eggs) must reach a certain temp and be exposed to it consistently, for hours. Should a bed bug or an egg be hiding inside a wall outlet or similar place. it will not be effected….leaving the door open for a re-infestation. The proper spray solution takes care of ALL species and their eggs at once. The internet is full of misguided and inaccurate information. as well as ‘gimmicks’ geared toward using your fear and lack of knowledge against you to purchase unneeded products. Not to mention, incorrect ‘opinions’ based on zero factual information.

Don’t be a victim!!!

You DO NOT have to leave your home during treatment NOR do any major Prep work. The companies that ask you to do these things fall into the category of those who do not have the proper knowledge or use the proper products. For the same reason, these companies will sell you Bed Bug Encasements. Most of these companies are also using the same product/spray that you can purchase yourself at Lowe’s or Home Depot. It simply will not work to kill the entire infestation. Do not fear bed bugs; they are easy to kill for a professional with the correct knowledge and training. It has been documented that BED BUG PTSD actually exists. Don’t be a victim!!!

The following ‘widely used statement/opinion’ is false…”Bed bugs are extremely difficult to control especially if they are not caught during the early stages of the infestation.” Not all people will react to a bed bug bite (no bumps or rash after being bitten) It is not always necessary to throw out mattresses or furniture. Most always they can be treated. You may call/text/email us at any time with any questions. The answers are always free and truthful. The secret to a successful extermination of bed bugs is in the Products used as well as the Process used. One without the other, will not be 100% effective. A minimum of 2 treatments (occasionally 3) is required for homes, to ensure ALL adults, babies, and eggs have been eradicated. Most times with apartments, only ONE treatment is necessary.

Bed Bug reproduce every 14 days. They lay 5 eggs per day and 500 during a lifetime. The following products will not work and are a waste of your money: Foggers, Bed Bug Encasements, Diatomaceous earth, electronic bed bug repellents, all natural spays…..etc….

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