Bed Bug only in ONE room??

That’s a loaded question. 99.9% of the time…when bed bug are present in ONE room, they are also in other rooms. You may not notice them at the same time, but they’re generally there.

Bed Bugs are asexual. It only takes ONE to begin a population and reproduction. They do not need to mate. Bed Bugs only came to the United States 10 years ago due to International travel. This is why Chicago has been the number 1 city for bed bugs numerous years in a row (the O’Hare Airport is the busiest International Airport in the world).

VERY FEW exterminators have the knowledge to deal with Bed Bugs. Most Pest Control companies will not even attempt to deal with them due to the lack of knowledge. Bed Bug extermination is NOT taught or ‘required knowledge’ to obtain a pest control license.


It is a ‘specialty’ much like Termites. However the laws and required knowledge haven’t yet been fully implemented since. Bed Bugs are a relatively new issue to the United States (not all exterminators are licensed to handle Termites and shortly. We hope to see changes in the laws that will include, a special license endorsement/category for those wishing to handle bed bug issues–as of now, even your pool guy is technically licensed).We are the ONLY company in the state of Texas who has repeatedly gone to Chicago to study Bed Bugs at The University of Chicago (our sister company resides in Indianapolis Indiana).

NO other company KNOWS bed bugs like we do or offers the guarantee. we do because they are still unsure of their products and procedures (most use the same products that are sold for fleas–bed bugs and fleas are NOT the same).

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