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Bed Bug Eradication in San Antonio

While most San Antonio residential pest control services cover bed bug eradication. The same cannot be said about bed bugs eradication. This is because bed bugs had virtually been eliminated from the US. Thanks to eradication programs that left America free of the pests for decades. However, an increase in international travel has led to the return of the pests. While many pest control San Antonio services do not have the equipment or expertise to rid homes of the menace.

You may have read news stories about new infestations of bed bugs in motels, apartments, and homes in the community. It has left many San Antonio pest control services trying to play catch-up with the situation.

Why Bed Bugs are So Difficult to Eradicate:

Bed Bug EradicationIt may seem strange that a standard family pest control service is ill-equipped to get rid of bed bug eradication . However, these creatures are not your typical insects. As they are really parasites that live on the blood of their victims. This means that standard methods that are effective in eliminating. Most insects which are poisoning the areas where they consume food have little to no effect on bed bugs.

In addition, bed bugs do not travel along the ground or in the air like many other pests. They only enter your home if brought it.

Such as in your luggage after visiting a location that has bed bugs present. Because they do not travel like other bugs, tend to nest in the bedroom, and are not affected by most sprays, traps, or treatments typical of most pest control methods. Bed bugs present a unique problem for most households.

Bed Bug Eradication:

The first sign that you have bed bugs will be the unexplained bites and small wounds.  That is you find on your skin after waking up from being asleep. If you check your bedsheets, you may see small dots of blood that provide the unmistakable sign of the presence of bed bugs. The bugs themselves usually congregate away on the floor. Such as near the leg of the bed or end table. And come up through the mattress at night to feed while you are asleep.

Bed bugs are blind, but they do have a heightened sense of smell which helps them locate sources of blood for feeding. They also do not consume water and they can slow down their metabolisms to the point. Where they enter a state that does not require them to feed for nearly a year. They are also so small that they are difficult to see. This means that bed bugs might find their way into your luggage or clothing when on a trip and you would never know until you see the signs on your person and bed after getting home.

bed bugs were a big issue in the US:

Decades ago bed bugs were a big issue in the US and there was a massive effort to rid them from the country. During that time, most people were aware of the pests. And took steps to make sure that they could be removed from the home. The effort succeeded so well that almost all the valuable information. The report generated during that time has long since gone out of print.

How Preston Pest Control is Different

Preston Pest Control | San Antonio ExterminatorPreston Pest Control is the San Antonio pest control service that does offer effective bed bug treatments. Thanks to a unique process that is now being patented. The bed bug removal serviced offer by Preston Pest Control. One of the most respected San Antonio Exterminator services in the region. This is based on the information gathered decades ago. When bed bugs had menaced the local community and the nation before.

The information gathered has been augmented by new studies, such as from Chicago University. Which has gathered considerable knowledge about bed bugs which can be used to eradicate them from the property. Based on the information, techniques, and observations that have been accumulated from different sources. Preston Pest Control has managed to create a simple, solid, and safe series of techniques that rids any location of bed bug infestation.

Our Working:

So potent is the process in being 100% effective that it is now being patented by Preston Pest Control. Which makes them the premier San Antonio pest control service when it comes to the removal of bed bugs. In fact, many competing San Antonio residential pest control services have either called Preston Pest Control to assist in helping them remove bed bugs or simply recommended the company to their customers.

This should not be surprising when you consider that less than 30% of US pest control companies include the removal of bed bugs as part of their services. Many companies that have tried often fail which means that other companies have had to come in to complete the job properly. However, because the issue of bed bug infestation is growing, there is a considerable amount of false information about the proper treatment that includes DIY and gimmicky products that only fail miserably in trying to rid the home or room of bed bugs.

Because the knowledge of the proper removal of bed bugs has been overwhelmed by false information on the internet, it can be quite frustrating for home and motel owners to find the right TX pest control service to do the job properly. Even the local government of San Antonio has not provided its residents with the proper information, brochures, instructions, or media alerts that could be most helpful for families struggling to remove the bed bugs from their home.

The Preston Pest Control:

That’s where Preston Pest Control comes in to help those in need when their residences and locations are infested with bed bugs. If you are looking for the best family pest control service in the San Antonio area that properly treats bed bugs, call Preston Pest Control who offers their services to everyone, including those who normally cannot afford pest control treatments.

For families that have little to no money to spend in ridding their homes of bed bugs, the kind folks at Preston Pest Control offer discount and even free removal services for those who qualify.