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Servicing the San Antonio community makes us very proud and is the home of our first office. We are very familiar with the pests that bug you the most and utilize products, methods and procedures that are ‘one of a kind’ and most effective in providing immediate and long term control.

One of our #1 rules is to rotate our products, so insects do not build up a resistance over time….rendering that over used product ineffective.

Please contact us if you are having any issues or simply wish to prevent any from infestations of roaches, ants,bed bugs, spiders, ear wigs, silverfish, rodents, bees, wasps, dry wood termites, gnats, flies, mosquitoes, birds, scorpions, snakes, lizards,……etc…..


We are reliable and licensed professionals with many years of experience. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs, quickly solving any pest issues they may have while keeping the cost to a bare minimum. We also rotate our products to keep insects from developing an immunity to over use of a single product. This keeps your home protected to the maximum!!


We specialize in bed bugs, having the most comprehensive and guaranteed way of getting rid of bed bugs and it does not involve ‘heat’. The heat method has not been consistently proven to be effective; and is much more expensive and invasive for us to offer to our customers.


We are fully licensed (and insured) just like the large corporate companies, yet our prices are much lower since we are family-owned and operated. This also gives us many more advantages to be flexible and customize your pest control program versus presenting you with ‘cookie-cutter’ options or refusing to do certain tasks (climbing a ladder to remove a wasps nest, repairing insect/rodent entry points, etc).



To change the Pest Control Industry as a whole and incorporate cost-advantaged, customizable services and plans, passing the savings along to the customer!!!!  ​Not delivering the ​same cookie cutter plans/methods that other companies provide you.
Our methods are safer for many reasons; yet still very much effective.

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I found Preston on Craiglist on a Sunday and he was able to service me the same day. Jay was very nice and did the job quickly. I would recommend him.

Ross M
Ross M

I was infested and for a great price all the bugs were gone..roaches, fleas and other insects like spiders..I am so glad I used this company because it was guaranteed until they were gone unlike other companies.

Wesley C
Wesley C

Called Preston Pest Control about a cockroach problem at the house. Jay was friendly and quick to take care of the problem. Sprayed the house and was thorough about his work. Total price was cheaper than price quoted! Definitely recommended!

Michael B
Michael B

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Our high-quality and professional group is based on a team of experts, quality assurance program, and universal documentation of findings and service, all of which guarantees our insect control service meets our high-quality standards and norms.
Commercial Pest Control San Antonio
Commercial Pest Control San Antonio

No matter what industry of business you’re in, we have a solution for you. Schools, Apartments, Food Handling, Construction, Government...

Local Leaders
Local Leaders

Our Customer Service & Local Reputation are unmatched.

Residential Pest Control
Residential Pest Control

We provide pest control treatments for all kinds of insects. We can offer a one-time service, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, as well as ‘as...

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Our main mission is to change the Pest Control Industry as a whole and incorporate cost-advantaged, customizable services and plans, passing the savings along to the customer!!!! Not delivering the same cookie cutter plans/methods that other companies provide you.
Our methods are safer for many reasons; yet still very much effective.

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